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Overview of the Old Testament – Part 1. The lesson on January 8, 2006 begins a series which will be reviewing the Old Testament. 2 Timothy 3:16, will be used as the basis for the importance of all scripture and as Derek stresses, “All scripture is for our learning and it’s profitable to deal with the WORD OF GOD on a daily basis.” We learn, that each of us is going to be used and from a spiritual perspective, the options are to be used by either Satan or by God. When encouraged to be used of God, you are guaranteed to fulfill God’s purpose for your life, if you learn God’s principles and then practice them. Beginning at Genesis 1:1, we learn that the earth was not created void and without form. Isaiah is quoted to expand our understanding of the time gap between verse one and two of Genesis 1. Relativism is explained and shown as being prevalent in Genesis. The case is made showing Relativism has been used to move our country from a Christian nation to a secular form of government. This session concludes, dealing with natural religion, stated in scripture as being the ‘Way of Cain’. The first session takes us to Genesis, Chapter five with a general overview that is profitable for all believers



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