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From Christianity to Christ. The lesson on March 22, 2009 was given by Dr. Sterling Lacy as the guest speaker and his lesson was entitled “My 50 Year Journey from Christianity to Christ”. Dr. Lacy started with Matthew 23:23 where we learned about the practice of religious activity instead of a proper relationship to God. The emphasis of this lesson is to put a proper foundation with Christ in your life before you pursue all the religious acts that God does ask of us. The example shown in Matthew was Christ expressing dissatisfaction with the religious leaders in Israel who He called hypocrites due to their activities were to look good but did not have any spiritual blessing to those that were led by them. The admonition from Dr. Lacy is to put a proper spiritual foundation first before you build your religious house. Being religious does not necessarily mean something that is against God, but if it is lacking spiritual understanding then the religious house is without a foundation. Dr. Lacy then covers Ephesians 2:1-10 and explains how this passage shows the Apostle Paul emphasizing the church at Ephesus that they keep their focus on Christ. How is your spiritual foundation?



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