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Memorial Day 2002. usually conjurs up thoughts of swimming and a nice three day weekend to kick off the summer. Most pools open on Memorial Day for the summer so everyone is excited to break out their new swimsuits and dive in. Polls indicate most Americans treat this day as just another day off. Another poll found that only 28% of the people who were asked knew the real meaning of Memorial Day. Everyone should take time to remember those who have died for our country and the freedoms we share… even the pool opening for the summer. Just as we remember those who lost their lives in battle over our country, let’s not forget as Christians the blood spilled for us by Jesus Christ as he was nailed to the cross for our sins. God often establishes memorials in scripture to help us remember what He has done for us. Passover was established (Exodus 12:11) as a memorial for the nation of Israel to remember how the death angel passed over them in Egypt right before they were set free from slavery. Rocks were placed in the dry riverbed (Joshua 4:1-9) when Israel passed over the river Jordan and into the promised land. This was to remind them that the river was parted and made dry to allow Isreal to easily enter the land. Yet, in Judges 2:7-11 we see in just one generation after Joshua passed away, did Israel do evil and worship Baalim. How soon people forget and turn to evil. Today, christians have a special calling in The Mystery as revealed by Paul unto the gentiles and most of christianity has forgotten. We need to be thoughtful and remember what God has done for us not only with salvation but with our calling and inheritance as well. Further, remember those who died for our freedoms in this country and pray we will not take for granted those who died for us. Click here to listen to the lesson on 05-26-2002 to honor Memorial Day.



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