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August 29, 2020

The lesson on August 30, 2020 was part 11 of “John’s Gospel” study.  This lesson was prepared in quarantine for corona virus precautions.  Wayne takes us through chapter 11 of “Life Through His Name”.  This chapter covers John 11:47 thru 20:31 KJV, which is a large portion of John’s Gospel.  One of the two basic questions that we need to answer from John’s gospel are 1. How does it impact our life today? and 2. What other callings are active today?  There are eight signs in John’s Gospel and in todays lesson we are covering the linking portion between 11:47 and 20:31 which is a large portion between B and on the diagram showing the structure between the eight signs.  Wayne continues to explain why this link contains show much material: The explanation and meaning of the Lord’s death burial and resurrection. This was a prophetical plan and was constrained by the circumstances of the word taking on flesh as “the Son of God”. John fills out the wonder of the crucifixion by pulling together incidents that happened that point to the Lord as Messiah. All these ideas are amplified by activities of the Lord, friends and enemies.

From the Study: John’s Gospel