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Idolatry. In every generation, there is a cultural or spiritual “fad” of the day. It’s usually present when large groups follow trendy behavior. “Fad’s” not only occur in society but in religion as well. When “popularity” takes precedence over your own personal Bible study and knowledge of scripture, then you’re at risk of being caught up in the “fad” of the day. When Paul was in Athens, he witnessed trendy religious worship to idols… even to one idol set aside to the “unknown God”. Today, idolatry takes on many forms other than the obvious worshiping of statues made with metal, stone, or wood. God’s universal principal of reaping and sowing is applicable to your worship and walk. What you reap today was sown yesterday. Are you sowing the Word of God or is their something else consuming your time and in the way of your relationship with the one true God? Sow the Word, reap Christ. Paul addresses this in Athens at Mars Hill where his spirit was stirred over this ignorant worship. Click here to listen to the lesson for 08-26.



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