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January 30, 2011

The lesson on January 30, 2011 continued the series “From the Beginning” with part 2 of the series.  The scripture reading for this lesson was the same the last one Matthew 3:1-6 KJV.  The previous lesson spent time on the phrase “In those days…” to expound on what that meant from a Jewish perspective.  The lesson speaks about the differences between Covenant and Dispensation theologists.  When we get to the teaching in Matthew, we find it is the same message that was in the Old Testament.  If Israel would turn and repent, then the New Covenant would be implemented which was promised in Jeremiah 31:31-34. We learn now God has included the Gentiles with faithful Abraham to provoke Israel to jealousy.  Time was taken to understand the “Kingdom” that was to be given to Israel.   An analogy was made between the study of scripture through right division and the skills to solve jig saw puzzles.  We also learn when Jesus started picking up the ministry of John in Matthew 11:1-7.



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From the Study: From The Beginning