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Easter Sunday. In three days time Satan was defeated when Christ Jesus rose again. The resurrection is the turning point in human history when Christ defeated Satan and death. This is the event that keeps Christianity from being a warm hearted fairy tale. Satan is still working to keep those from learning about the resurrection with the Easter Bunny and other pagan traditions. The lesson on Apr. 20, 2003 speaks to two kinds of people: The “Saints” and the “Aints”. The “Aints” need to know that Christ died for your sins and God loves you. The claims of Christ are for the “Aints” to hear: Claim #1 – There is a God. Claim #2 – The Bible is the Word of God. Claim #3 – Living a religious life is not enough. Claim #4 – Christ died for you and He is the only way to God. There will be a time that he will hold you accountable for the decision you made. Did you follow Him? Claim #5 – The righteous one died for the unrighteous. Christ was crucified for our sins whereas Christ knew no sin. Claim # 6 – Have you made a decision? A decision must be made to make Christ Jesus your Lord. The “Saints” are encouraged to remember His words and keep them in their heart. The “Saints” have placed their hope and trust in Christ and have not done so in vain because in Christ, the child of God has been made alive and their sins have been forgiven. The “Saints” are called to walk worthy of the vocation that they have been called, be fruitful in every good work, and increase in the knowledge of Him. Click here to listen to the lesson on Apr 20, 2003. You may also want to listen to other lessons on Easter as well.



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