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Content & Context. Two very important principles that are required for the right division of scripture. These two disciplines help put the pieces together for interpreting the events of Acts 16:1-5. The Apostle Paul circumcises Timothy yet earlier in Acts it was discussed that circumcision was not required for the gentile converts. The gentiles had four decrees to follow and circumcision was not one of them yet Paul performs the circumcision. Why? The lesson on 07-01 studies this event and provides the proper content within the right context to show why Paul circumcised Timothy. The latter part of the lesson reminds us that today, we are free of the law and ordinances because Christ nailed them to the cross. The freedom we have is in the abundant grace and mercy of God. Christ is the way, the truth, and the life… knowing Him sets you free. Click here to listen to the lesson on 07-01.



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