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October 13, 2005

Approaching The Bible – Part 1 “Interpreting and Applying, Example: Circumcision” – The first lesson sets some foundational truths to ensure you approach the Bible with the right mindset. It was Miles Coverdale that gave us some words of wisdom when he translated the first english Bible. He said we should set out the principle that in interpreting Scripture one should “take account not only of what is written but of whom, to whom, with what words, at what time, to what intent, with what circumstances, and considering what goes before and what comes after.” It is therefore important to take note of the context within which particular statements in Scripture are made. This lesson touches on these truths and primarily focuses on the variables of “who” and “time”. There are four groups of people identified in scripture: Jews, Gentiles, God Fearers, and Gentile Pagans. The timeframes in the Bible can be divided into six portions, three in the Old Testament (Genesis 1-12, Abraham to Exodus, and Moses to Malachi) and three in the New Testament (Gospels, Acts Period, and Post Acts Period). The lesson ends in looking at Circumcision through the different timeframes and how it changes in the Old Testament, Acts Period, and finally the Post Acts Period. Be sure and listen now. Be sure and download the slides as well.




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