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Acts Period Epistles – Part 5. Understanding Acts . Some of the maintenence that goes into driving a car is easy and we do it often… like cleaning our windows, filling up with gas, or changing the oil every 3000 miles. As Christians, there are some things that are basic and fundamental to maintaining a proper relationship with the Lord… like praying, fellowship, and studying the Bible. However, some maintenance may be needed or even neglected… like changing the spark plugs in your car. These fire the engine and get you on the road to where you’re going. Understanding the Acts period is the spark for starting your right division engine! The lesson on 03-11 helps you to pin -point the Acts period with time edicts from scripture along with events known in history. This knowledge of the Acts will help you keep your Christian “engine” fine tuned particularly when handling Acts Period truths. Click here to listen now. Be sure and download the handout as well.



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From the Study: Acts Period Epistles