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Acts Period Epistles – Part 4. Acts Period Epistles – Why has everyone has gone APE? The lesson on 03-04 continues to discuss those who claim for themselves doctrine that was intended for Apostles sent to Israel. Following Acts Period doctrine leads to frustration and failure because it belongs to another period and another calling. Today, the Apostle Paul provides christians a pattern for fellowship. In Acts, it was James, Peter, John, and others who taught the law unto Israel while Paul was sent to the gentiles teaching grace. Acts Period Epistles are founded in the calling that started at Abraham… Post Acts epistles are founded in grace without national ties to Israel… without signs and wonders. Prior to Acts 28:28, Paul was a “type” of Israel showing them what they should have been doing… which is be a minister of grace unto the nations. Israel rejected Christ and this calling therefore they were set aside at Acts 28:28. Paul now was given a new revelation, a new dispensation of grace called “The Mystery” which is your calling today. Listen here to the lesson of the week to learn more about the crucial transition during the book of Acts.



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From the Study: Acts Period Epistles