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Acts 29

The move from Jew to the gentile is not with a new message but with the same. The Jews rejected the salvation of God —  Paul says the same message (“it”) will be sent to the Gentiles — the only difference is that “they will hear it” — their ears will be open unlike those of the Jews. What must be done to get something different is to read the Kingdom of God as proclaimed by PAul later (such as Col.4:11) into this earlier event.

All this means that “The Mystery” must come later. The subject of the “kingdom of God” contextually is the same and the 2 years Paul remains in his own hired house receiving all that came to him was accompanied with that same message of the kingdom as discussed in verse 23. We look therefore for a later time for when the mystery to be revealed and hence Acts 29.  This chart was developed from the study “Acts 29 Pauls Latter Ministries and Journeys“.  You should also review the article “Why Does Acts 28(29) Matter?

This chart also ties in with the study on “John’s Gospel“.  Be sure and review that study to find out about the “highways” calling that is active today as well as The Mystery.

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