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Preterism — Did it all happen in AD70?


We have recently begun a new series called the U,V and W’s of right division. This title has been carefully chosen because I do not wish to give the incorrect notion that the series will be the “final word” on R/D but that it will extend the already published  “ABC’s of R/D”

To help get an idea of some of the issues, we will be looking at a debate (2014) between Dr Brown and Dr Preston — both men are well versed in their respective positions and we need to examine both sides of the debate. First we will be looking at the 


In order to be fair I will quote a full preterist:

The full preterist view is that the second coming of Christ happened in AD 70 and was a judgment and removal of the Old Covenant system (heaven and earth), and it established fully the kingdom, the New Covenant (New heavens and earth). Jesus came in the first century, just as He said He would, and there is NO mention anywhere in Scripture of a “third” coming. (Taken from this article: What is the Preterist View?)

The Preterist view is a growing movement. It rests heavily on a particular hermeneutical system. We shall learn more about this as we move through our study.
The following video will help crystallize the issues.


Here is a video posted on YouTube that is a debate given by Dr.Michael Brown and Dr. Don Preston on the subject of “Israel and Eschatology”.  

Published on Jun 3, 2014: Does Romans 11:25-27 state that there will be a national turning of the Jewish people to God? Are there any OT or NT promises made to ethnic Israel that remain to be fulfilled?

U,V and W of right division

See the new study “The U, V and W of Right Division”.

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