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Alpha Omega Section 5

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New Heavens and The New Earth

The New Heavens and the New Earth – Day of God

The Perfect Dispensation 2 Peter 3:12-13 (Holiness) The New Heavens and The New Earth. This is the Dispensation of The Fullness of Times (Deu. 7:9) and the Day of God (click here to learn more about the different “Days” in scripture). This is where the third heaven comes down to Earth and it is paradise (compare 2 Cor. 12:2,4 with 2 Peter 3:6.7,13). The former heavens and earth have passed away, everything is brand new and fresh from the Hand of God. It is not the end of the world as some have said, but rather the beginning of the New Age. It is, in fact, “paradise restored.” Think of that!!! It is not just the restoration of all things, but the restoration of “The” all things (Col. 1:20). “The” all things having to do with that which God called “good.” Compare Romans 8:28, “All Things,” with Romans 8:32, “The All Things,” to understand the distinction.

The Holy City

We behold a city prepared of God coming down out of Heaven prepared as a bride for her husband. The husband is the lamb. John 14:2 makes mention of this place. It is the city that Abraham sought (Hebrews 11:10,16). The twelve gates are of pearl. Each gate is one single pearl. Each gate is named after one of the twelve tribes of Israel. There are twelve foundations, each one of a different kind of stone. The colors in the stones are also different. Each foundation is named after one of the twelve apostles. The city is of pure gold, like unto clear glass. Likewise the streets are paved with pure gold. It is a perfect square 1500 miles high (12,000 furlongs) in each direction. The city itself is also 1500 miles high. Some believe it is in the shape of a pyramid. A jasper wall 144 cubits high (about 300 ft.) surrounds the city. The gates are never closed. There is no need of the sun or moon since the Lord is the light thereof. No night is there. Only the redeemed of all nations may enter. . . all others are outside. The water of life is its river, and it flows from the throne of God. In the middle of the street and on either side of the river is the Tree of Life. It yields twelve manner of fruits each month. The leaves of the tree are for healings. All of the redeemed shall see the Lamb face to face. It is here that the redeemed of the nations (mankind as a whole) finally stands (consist) complete (Rev. 21:24). There is no more crying, no death, no more curse . . . THIS IS PARADISE!!!

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Ages to Come

This is where we will explain the ages to come…

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